Music & Recording

Playing and recording music has been a part of my life since high-school. I play upright bass in a band called Accident Clearinghouse. My brother Jon plays in a band called 'High On Stress'. He and I built a recording studio called Ouibeatough Studio or OBT Studio so we could record our music and our friends' music. Here are some of the bands that have recorded at OBT:

Upright Bass Info

I play a pre-World War II Kay Concert Bass. I got my bass for $700 in 1996.

I use steel D'Addario Heliocore strings for the E & A strings and LaBella Gut strings for the D & G Strings.

I use an Underwood bass pick-up and a Mesa Boogie WalkAbout Scout bass amp live.

When I record, I use two condenser microphones: one on the top of the outside F-hole near the bridge to pick up the low-end and one near the middle of the neck to pick up more of the slap sound.

Other Music I Like

My Record Collections: 78s, 45s and 33s

I like a lot of different artists, probably too many, but here's a sampling: