What's this about?

I originally started this website to share my different interests in Photoshop, photography, music, & the web. I was really busy and that didn't happen, but I did use the URL as a place to aggregate wedding information during the summer of 2003. Things have finally settled down and I've had time to start putting it together.

Additionally, this website is my attempt at building a modern, light-weight, standards compliant site (XHTML Strict) using CSS entirely for layout.

Photo by Craig Marble

About Me

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I currently work on Photoshop for Adobe Systems as QE Product Lead. I am also an Adobe® Certified Expert (ACE).

Recently, I've started up a Twin Cities Photoshop User Group.

Before Adobe, I worked in advertising doing web design, motion graphics, sound design and ActionScripting. Before that, I did radio and television production for my first job out of college. I attended the College of Visual Art in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and received a BFA in photography.

I play upright bass in a band called Accident Clearinghouse.

I am addicted to sushi.

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Personal Photos


Our "Save The Date Card" for our wedding

People might be wondering what it's all about. Rachel was hesitant about changing her last name. Our friends started joking around that we should combine our names as a compromise. The two suggestions were "Tran-Gard," which sounds like an engine protection formula, and the other was "Mega-Berry," which kinda sounds like a super-hero name. Thankfully, Rachel decided "Tranberry" was a fine name. Quillan Roe did the pencils and the inking and I did the color and layout. The characters and villains are an homage to early 60's comic art. Click the cover to see a larger version.